Egyptian and Russian girl in the bathroom

I said “Brenda I know you’re kind of down in the dumps how about you forget about things and we will party at the “Biz Bar” tonight a local gay bar that Brenda liked.Well that was the night that changed my life forever. I met Jane who introduced me to the lesbian lifestyle. During my first night with Jane I learned I was bisexual. Jane had asked me to dance and I danced tentatively with her at first, but to make a long story short, I wound up sharing her bed with her that night. Jane and I have been lovers going on three years now. I am still married to my husband and he understands that I am going to spend one or two nights a week at Jane’s house but I love them both and they understand that.One day Jane and I were talking about Brenda and how a steady stream of very feminine lesbian women seem to come and go through her life. Jane told me Brenda is known all around town to be into “rough sex”.